M83 is a group that is practically custom-made for haunting, orchestral masterpieces perfectly paired with a major motion picture. Luckily, they’re not exactly a secret; countless movie trailers from “22 Jump Street” to “Cloud Atlas” to “If I Stay”. The »

Carly Rae Jepsen of “Call Me Maybe” fame has returned from her brief Broadway stint in 2014 with “I Really Like You”. An infectious pop melody with an abundance of “really”s in the chorus, “I Really Like You” follows the »

MOTHXR, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, brings the silky-smooth vocals and the heavy synth background from the ’80s to the new millennia with their latest track, “Strangers”. With production reminiscent 2010-era Broken Bells, or maybe even Fancy-Footwork-type Chromeo. Take al »

The Hood Internet has taken tracks from two greats — namely, Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift — and made them even better. Perhaps inspired by a video of Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar jamming together in the backset of a »

Lorde, the 2014 poster child (literally, given her age) for obscurity rocketing to stardom has somehow managed to get Kanye West to remix her new Hunger Games single, “Yellow Flicker Beat”. While the original track was hauntingly beautiful and certainly »

Ryn Weaver, our favorite breakout artist from this summer, has released a new EP titled “Promises”, featuring the critically acclaimed “OctaHate” along with several tracks that are just as likely to get us up and dancing. In our humble opinion, »

James Young, an up-and-coming alternative artist hailing from Los Angeles, has released a new EP titled “Habits of My Heart”, featuring several stellar tracks with the silky-smooth vocals and stripped back instrumental backing we’ve come to expect from Young. The »

Kasum — the stage name of New York City-based Brandon Weiss — has remixed The Chainsmokers’ “KANYE”. While the original track featured a club-hopping chorus in a raucous celebration of Kanye West and his lifestyle, Weiss has successfully managed to »

The power duo Galantis – comprised of Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson of Miike Snow fame, and Linus Eklow of Style of Eve – just dropped a killer new track “Runaway”. Featuring an incredible chord progression and a beat you could get »

Luke Shay, Virgina Beach native, has been making waves with his newest remix of Odessa’s “Say My Name”. Opening with a lilting piano melody, Shay’s remix is reminiscent of Love-Song-era Sara Bareilles, a rare sound to hear in the progressive »